February 17, 2011

YM Detector..

How to trace our love ones, frens, and familys’ YM status?

Below are the steps you can follow:

Click to this link. This page will be loaded.
note: also can move your cursor to the hyperlink and right click.then choose Open Link in New Window or Open Link in New Tab . This will make it easier for you to refer to the next steps. ;)

Type the person’s YM ID under ‘Type ID here!’.

Click the magnifier icon.

After a few second (depends on network connection), system will show the result. System will show the person’s status either the person is online, offline or even invisible.

Ohhh yeah! By using this detector, you also can see the person’s YM profile picture.

- mine -
- My husband's ID -

The next time, you just click the person's ID from your 'Buddy List' in your left hand side column.

Is it simple? Yes!! Simple as 1, 2, 3

What make you wait now??!
You should try it now!! Now!!

1) Sometimes the result is not accurate. You have to try 2 or 3 times.
2) I will not be responsible if you notice something wrong or being cheated by your love ones.. huhuhuhu…

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